He and Jang-mi both learn a little about how important it is to communicate honestly, and I can only say thank goodness, it’s about time. Because when your girlfriend’s ex is giving you relationship advice, you’re probably doing it wrong. I’ve been watching countless K-dramas for like 12years and I found nothing as fascinating as MnD. Sometimes, when you watch too much dramas, you will start to have a sixth-sense, what probably happen in the next sequence of scenes.

Gi Tae continues to say that Jang Mi only accepted Yeo Reum because he kept smiling at her but they are definitely not in a serious relationship. He concludes by saying that since he’s not in a relationship with Jang Mi, mom should get rid of any misunderstandings or bad feelings she has towards Jang Mi. The writer has been doing that a lot throughout the series, playing with the drama tropes and doing reversals. For example, JM says she doesn’t want to be a Cinderella in this episode.

Gi Tae arrives with some orchids and Jang Mi runs out to greet him. When Jang Mi and Hoon Dong notice each other, both are shocked. Gi Tae suggests that they go inside but Jang Mi says that they’re not ready yet even though there are obviously customers already inside. She changes it to say that there are no seats but then Yeo Reum joins them outside. Gi Tae congratulates him but Hoon Dong asks how he can betray them by trying to hold onto Jang Mi.

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She tells Hoon Dong that she’s no longer the same as before but then she goes on to sadly say that it would be a shame to have to give up the clinic. Everyone looks at her knowingly, but she tries to assure them that she’s just talking about the clinic, not Gi Tae. Gi Tae looks at his desk with an air of nostalgia.

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Doesn’t he see her being overly considerate so that he won’t get hurt? Gi Tae says that he’s also trying to be considerate of Jang Mi since she said that she doesn’t want to lean on him so that she can stand up by herself. Yeo Reum asks if it were not because Gi Tae doesn’t give her certainty that he wouldn’t run away if she leaned on him. Gi Tae gets defensive and says that he knows Jang Mi best but Yeo Reum says that he knows Jang Mi wants to be next to Gi Tae.

Gi Tae still doesn’t think it’s good for him to be relying on her but Se Ah tells him that this is not the time for him to try and act cool. He needs to get back up but Gi Tae looks conflicted.Back at her restaurant, Jang Mi hears from Hoon Dong that Se Ah is trying to recruit Gi Tae. Jang Mi doesn’t understand why since Gi Tae’s hospital is doing fine but Hoon Dong tells her that these days, Gi Tae’s hospital isn’t actually doing so well. She doesn’t understand why he didn’t tell her but Hyun Hee explains that it’s probably because he didn’t want his pride to get hurt. There was no reason to believe that except for dramaland’s trustworthy ability to make important events happen coincidentally at the same time.

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He says that if she wants to learn how to be cool, she needs to end it. I’m stoked for the last two episodes now, and I just love that we finally get to see Jang-mi and Ki-tae be boyfriend and girlfriend. When it’s just the two of them on screen, it feels like a completely different show. I enjoy watching their honesty with each other and their cuteness, of course. They have been such an awesome pairing.

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I’m glad that Ki-tae’s mom wasn’t kept in the dark for long, because I do think that deep down she wants Jang-mi to be the girl she thought she was. We all know that she is, and that Jang-mi and Mom have the potential to be great allies in Ki-tae’s messed-up https://loveexamined.net/ family, but I want them to know it too. With this drama Kim Hae-sook has risen to the top of my list of favorite actors. The subtlety with which she shows her emotions is amazing. Her face is like a placid lake that is occasionally rippled by the wind.

Jang Mi doesn’t know how she knew to come but it turns out Gi Tae invited her since her hospital was close by. Gi Tae says that through his connections, he’ll help bring in a lot of customers for her and Jang Mi puts on a forced smile. Se Ah also congratulates them on officially dating but Jang Mi goes ahead and seats her next to Gi Tae. She makes her best effort to seem excited about Se Ah’s presence and loudly tells her to buy a lot from them.

Oh, and this particular mother-in-law is so human, I just want to hug her. Like with reply1994 (i keep referring to that show its the last one i managed to finish, sigh). Chilbong went back to the sinchon group all nice, but after some time spent separated. He has always been cool and casual about him and JJM’s relationship, no matter how emotionally invested he was. He is going to be cool and casual about if after. Because thats the kind of person he has, is and will be.

Devoting herself to learning everything she needs to know to become a good wife and mother, Jae Yi dutifully prepares for the future. Sadly, destiny has other plans for her future. Well, I’m certainly glad the show didn’t cater to your needs because if the show hadn’t done what you fault it so much for in these last episodes then I would have been disappointed.

Yeo Reum just laughs and nods his head in understanding. Gi Tae says that instead, his Jang Mi shouldn’t be worked too hard, okay? Yeo Reum obliges while Gi Tae and Jang Mi just look at each other and laugh.

Wow, Yeon Woo-Jin was acting up a storm in this episode. He had me crying like a baby in the phone call with his mom, then a moment later laughing out loud at his attempt at aegyo with JM’s mom. It was someone cracked open a window and let all the musty craziness out. How great would it have been if mum had accidentally on purpose spilled hot coffee on dad’s lady bits instead of water, and then Jang-mi accidentally on purpose tips that makgulli pitcher on shameless hussy. The crying scene, Oh God I think my heart grew like the Grinch’s at Christmas.

Ironically, he didn’t even say a word which made it all the more powerful. No matter what he says, deep down he wants his mom’s approval which is why he always tries to make it look like he couldn’t care less. He’s scared of being disappointed so he doesn’t even try to hope. I’m glad he’s slowly learning what it means to expect from others and allow them to hold some sort of power in his life. That scene between Ki-tae and his mother may very well end up being my favorite scene in this drama and I think that really speaks to how well this drama developed the side characters.