During an interview with EXTRA TV, Lopez revealed that her twins would be “thrilled” if she had a baby with Rodriguez. Per Lopez, “I think they would love to have a brother or sister.” She continues, “We really form a beautiful blended family and I think they would all be thrilled.” Since Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez started dating, they’ve quickly become one of Hollywood’s most adorable power couples—but now J-Rod is no more.


She was at Joe’s Bar with Stephanie later that day and she got drunk. She told Andrew how she rejected Alex’s proposal, and that she didn’t want to. She confessed to him that she was married to a man who almost beat her to death. She then took off her shirt and pants in front of Andrew and she accidentally pulled him into the bed. Alex then walked in the apartment, and to him it looked like Andrew was trying to rape a drunk Jo, so Alex almost beat Andrew to death.

Just like it was for Alex, Dule Hill’s love life hasn’t always been so easy. In 2004 he married Canadian television actress Nicole Lyn. They were both working in the industry, so keeping up with each other’s schedules was not easy. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he has a top-secret stamp on his life.

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Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy continues on Thursdays at 9 p.m. Alex and Izzie both started out as interns at Seattle Grace Hospital together with Meredith Grey , Christina Yang , and George O’Malley (T. R. Knight). There was no mention of J Lo, and no picture of her or her kids. Of course, it was early March when sources close to the couple had told us they first split, but in less than 24 hours they reassured us the two were back together and everything was fine … A-Rod even flew to the Dominican Republic to be with J Lo as she worked on a movie.

“I don’t want to get all mushy or anything, but baby, this song’s for you. I love you.” News of Lopez and Rodriguez’s breakup comes two months after rumors that the former New York Yankees player cheated on the Selena actress with Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy. After the rumors, Madison confirmed that she and Rodriguez had DM’d and FaceTimed but never had a romantic relationship. Alex Karev was one of the central characters of Grey’s Anatomy who was among the first set of interns in the show. He was seen to marry twice, first to Izzie Stevens and then to Jo Wilson.

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After the transfusion, she stayed behind to tell Alex, whom Meredith had informed about the cause of Jo’s depression, that she was not fine despite her knowing how to rise when she had to. He took her to the in-patient psychiatry department, where Dr. Olivia Fowler got her checked in after she said goodbye to Alex. When Paul became the victim of a hit-and-run, Jenny assumed that it was Jo who did it and thanked her for it.

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During the Seattle blizzard, Jo had a busy day taking care of Tess Anderson. She decided to reach out to Helen Karev and found out that Alex wasn’t with her, nor had he been. While sitting alone at home with a glass of wine, she heard movement at the door and rushed to open it, believing Alex had finally returned. Instead, it was Link, who had come to bring her some comfort food. Jo told Link about what she had found, which had convinced her that Alex had truly left her. In Pittsburgh, Jo went to Vicki’s big house and introduced herself.

They then sat with her until Derek arrived to tell her what happened to Heather. Early in the morning, Derek met with the interns in the ER waiting room and thanked them for having stayed with Maura. He told them to go home, but Shane decided to ride out with the firefighters to the mudslide instead.

That’s right, ever since Camilla Luddington revealed she was expecting, fans have been wondering if her character Jo will get pregnant on Grey’s Anatomy. Even though Karev got to have his happy ending with Izzie, he still left a bit of a mess behind in Seattle. Not only did Jo have to deal with the end of her marriage, but she also had to deal with the fact that Karev left her without even saying goodbye in person. Jo’s way of confronting it was to… avoid it all, basically. After her marriage ended, Jo started hooking up with Jackson Avery.

They arrived at the hospital and found that Bailey and Catherine were in a meeting. Jo asked Alex to go talk to Alex as she couldn’t bring herself to do that, while she would wait for Bailey selfiebbw to finish her meeting. Meredith ordered Andrew to stay by Jo’s side, but Bailey called him into the conference room. Jo then offered her a ride and tried to call Alex, but he didn’t answer.

Wilson confessed to Alex Karev that Ms. Schmidt was the only person who supported her and thus the only one at her graduation. Trauma surgeon Dr. Owen Hunt has had his fair share of heartbreak throughout his run on the show, but Kevin McKidd, on the other hand, is happily married. McKidd and private chef Arielle Goldrath got married in early 2018, PEOPLE reported.

Near the end of March 2020, Jo approached Jackson to ask him for sex. She wanted to have sex with someone she trusted to get over Alex, like a bridge to the other side of feeling like a sad sack. While surprised by her random proposition, Jackson accepted and they agreed to meet up that night.

They got her settled on the couch and watched her from the bed. Alex and Jo overslept on the day of the massive windstorm. By the time they got up, it was too dangerous to go outside, so they decided to stay in and have a second honeymoon. When the electricity died, she wound up finding Bubbe, a Bunsen burner she had used to cook meat on while she was living in her car. Since neither had mailed it in, their marriage wasn’t official.