Masturbation and pregnancy: Is it safe? Benefits and risks

Plus, thanks to that increased blood supply, you may find it’s easier to get naturally lubricated as the action goes down. Doctors usually advise women who have a high risk of losing their pregnancies to avoid sexual intercourse or activities that trigger an orgasm. A significant reason is that orgasm helps to stimulate the uterus into action.

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If you’re having sex to conceive, getting to know the timing of your cycle is a helpful place to start. Not only will that give you a better understanding of when pregnancy is most likely to happen, it can also help pinpoint the days you may want to aim to have sex. When a couple decides they want to try to conceive, they understandably want to give themselves the best chance of making it happen.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

This is useful when you’re dealing with pregnancy symptoms, like a sore back. A pregnancy symptom that can affect day-to-day life is insomnia. Some people have trouble falling or staying asleep or experience other sleep disturbances. Sex releases oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone or the love chemical. Endorphins are commonly referred to as the “feel-good” chemical. They’re similar to opiates with analgesic effects that help numb pain.

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If you or your partner have other sexual partners or begin a relationship with a new sexual partner, you should use condoms or another barrier method during sex. Sexually transmitted infections can be more dangerous than usual during pregnancy, not only to you but to the child you’re carrying. However, fluctuating hormones, decreased energy, and physical discomfort may lead to a decrease in sex drive throughout pregnancy.

And you definitely don’t have to worry about the baby being aware that you’re even having sex. “The baby is gleefully floating around in the amniotic fluid and won’t know what’s going on,” Dr. Millheiser says. Lack of sex during pregnancy may cause you to switch mood, get emotional or snap at people at the slightest opportunity. Orgasms experienced during sex release a feel-good hormone, endorphins, that can help mothers and babies to feel relaxed and happy.

In the hospital, Lucy and Kit console her as she comes to terms with her loss, having decided to keep her baby once they reached Los Angeles. In Tucson, Lucy finds her mother Caroline, who has remarried with two young sons and is unhappy to see her. Caroline reveals that Lucy was an unintended pregnancy and that she wants nothing to do with her, leaving Lucy heartbroken. At the motel, Ben consoles Lucy and impresses her by writing music to a poem she has written during the trip. Lucy then rejoins Kit, Mimi, and Ben, and they reach Los Angeles. After leaving the show, she went on to appear in dramas Hotel Babylon and Moving on before landing the role of Ethel Parks in Downton Abbey.


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Just as when you’re not pregnant, never go from anal to vaginal penetration before your partner washes their penis, changes sex toys, or cleans the sex toy that they’re using. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk for bacterial vaginosis , and there’s some concern that this can make your water break early. For the most part, giving and receiving oral sex during pregnancy is safe.

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Not only could your increased blood flow mean more pleasure, but there’s many benefits to sex during pregnancy. Not all types of sexual activity are created equal, especially when you are expecting. If you are not feeling uncomfortable or having complications — like preterm labor or placenta problems — being sexual during pregnancy is OK. If a doctor advises against vaginal penetration, masturbation or mutual masturbation with a partner can be a good alternative. If an orgasm is off-limits, avoid masturbation and all other sexual activity. Learn more about having sex during pregnancy, including having oral sex, and check out our illustrated guide to some pregnancy sex positions.


Are there certain pregnancy sex positions that feel best?


We advise that you first consult your practitioner for guidance and ensure you don’t have any complications. As you approach delivery, the unwieldy, achy, and nervousness about parenthood overwhelm your desire for sex. Sex during pregnancy is a popular topic, even though there is no indisputable evidence.