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Revenues and expenses recognized by a company but not yet recorded in their accounts are known as accruals (ACCR). By definition, accruals occur before an exchange of money resolves the transaction. Accountants can choose among several options while converting the values of foreign holdings into domestic currency.

accounting translation

During bankruptcy, the debtor’s assets are held and managed by a court appointed TRUSTEE. A process by which an accountant determines whether and why there is a difference between the balance shown on the bank statement and the balance of the cash account in the firm’s GENERAL LEDGER. A way of arriving at the cost of inventory that computes the average cost of all goods available for sale during a fixed period in order to determine the value of inventory. A ratio that shows the average length of time it takes a company to receive payment for credit sales.


Translate revenues, expenses, gains, and losses using the exchange rate as of the dates when those items were originally recognized. The foreign currency translation adjustment or the cumulative translation adjustment (CTA) compiles all the fluctuations caused by varying exchange rate. The functional currency is the one which the company uses for the majority of its transactions. You can choose the currency of the country where your main headquarters are located or where your major operations are. We have in-depth experience translating software applications with uncompromising quality and speed. We’re a leader in modern agile, DevOps translation workflows that enable our clients to achieve simultaneous product releases in all languages.

  • She has worked in private industry as an accountant for law firms and for ITOCHU Corporation, an international conglomerate that manages over 20 subsidiaries and affiliates.
  • Right granted by the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1968 to void a CONTRACT within three business days with full refund of any down payment and without penalty.
  • Overhead (O/H) costs describe expenses necessary to sustain business operations that do not directly contribute to a company’s products or services.
  • For example, if inter-company is recorded at a daily or weekly rate, but the account is later translated at an average rate, then the inter-company income accounts between the two entities will not eliminate in consolidation.
  • Information passed by one person to another as a basis for buy or sell action in a SECURITY.

The amount of PROFIT or INTEREST earned on an INVESTMENT, usually expressed as a percentage, such as an interest; the COST OF CAPITAL; the cost of money. Written authorization law firm bookkeeping to a vendor to deliver specified goods or services at a stipulated price. Used to measure the percentage of each sales dollar that results in NET INCOME.

Spot Market

A taxpayer, whether business or individual, must file a request on a form. It must also be filed within the timeframe allotted or the refund may be lost. An individual can claim a refund back to whatever year it was due but it will only be paid three years back or less.

Firm, acting as underwriter or agent, that serves as intermediary between an issuer of SECURITIES and the investing public. Account at a bank, savings and loan association, credit union, or brokerage firm that belongs to a federal or private insurance organization. Formal agreement, also called a deed of trust, between an issuer of bonds and the BONDHOLDER covering certain considerations such as form of the BOND for example. BOND with a long-term, high-premium, COMMON STOCK conversion feature and also offering a fairly competitive interest rate. The beginning point for the determination of income, including income from whatever sources derived.

SEC Registration Statement

A system for determining INVENTORY on hand by a physical count that is taken at the end of an accounting period. The difference between the REVENUES of a business and the related costs and expenses, excluding INCOME derived from a sources other than its regular activities and before income deductions. Period of time between the acquisition of goods and services involved in the manufacturing process and the final cash realization resulting from sales and subsequent collections.

  • An accelerated method of DEPRECIATION in which the depreciable value if an ASSET is multiplied by a decreasing fraction each year of the asset’s useful life.
  • To be transcended boundaries, the accounting sectors need secure and accurate accounting translation services to make your business reach globally.
  • The difference between the REVENUES of a business and the related costs and expenses, excluding INCOME derived from a sources other than its regular activities and before income deductions.
  • Charge made by a local government for the cost of an improvement or service.
  • Prospective FINANCIAL STATEMENTS that are an entity’s expected financial position, results of operations, and cash flows.
  • To achieve diversification, people and organizations spread their capital out across multiple types of financial holdings and economic areas.

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Money Laundering

ASSETS having a physical existence, such as cash, land, buildings, machinery, or claims on property, investments or goods in process. A percentage used to determine the amount of DEPRECIATION to be recorded each ACCOUNTING period for the straight-line method. Organized marketplace in which stocks, COMMON STOCK equivalents, and bonds are traded by members of the exchange, acting both as agents and principals. (1) Costs, excluding acquisition costs, incurred to bring a new unit into production. MARKET for buying and selling COMMODITIES or financial instruments for immediate delivery and payment based on the settlement conventions of the particular market. A person entering into a short sale believes the price of the item will decline between the date of the short sale and the date he or she must purchase the item to deliver the item under the terms of the short sale.

accounting translation

Earnings available to COMMON STOCK divided by the number of common shares OUTSTANDING. CURRENT VALUE of a given future CASH flow stream, discounted at a given rate. Agreement between a future husband and wife that details how the couple’s financial affairs are to be handled both during the marriage and in the event of divorce. Right giving existing stockholders the opportunity to purchase shares of a new ISSUE before it is offered to others.

A temporary ACCOUNT used under the PERIODIC INVENTORY SYSTEM to record the TOTAL COST of all MERCHANDISE purchased for resale during an accounting period. The note may specify a maturity date or it may be payable on demand. The promissory note may or may not accompany other instruments such as a MORTGAGEproviding security for the payment thereof.

accounting translation